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¡Accept payments in your Shopify store just in seconds!

Accept payments on your Shopify store in seconds!


Integrate the Wompi's Widget and accept payments with any of the methods available for your commerce.


  1. Click in the following link to sign in and choose your commerce.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

  2. It will open the configuration to add a payment method, by defect will bring the Wompi's method, then click in Connect option that you're going to visualize in the bottom right side.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

  3. Click, in the Install App button located in the top part of the screen.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

  4. Now you have to go to the following link and sign in with your credentials, there you'll to configurate the public and private keys of your eCommerce that will find in the Developers option.

    • These keys you'll can find them in the portal or Wompi's Dashboard. For the tests keys you should activate this environment.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

  5. It'll appear a confirmation that credentials are correct. to close the screen choose Understood.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

  6. We are in the Wompi screen, where you have to put the keys private and public, this time test or sandbox, for you can use the two environments in Shopify.

    • To take the tests keys, you must enter to the same **Developers** option, but **activating the test mode**.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

  7. You'll back to the configuration Shopify screen.

    • Only the logos of some enabled media will be displayed, but when accessed our checkout, you can see all the media that you have enabled in your Wompi account.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

Test Mode

  1. You can also enable the test mode, We just have to enable the test mode at the bottom of this screen, then we click on the Activate Wompi option.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

Configurate the following URL

  1. In the commerces Dashboard or Wompi portal, clicking in the Developers option.

    • Direct link
    • Remember to do it also in test mode in the button Activate test mode

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

Usage Instructions

  1. Sign in to your eCommerce

    • Sign in to your eCommerce and start to make transactions, here you'll be able to visualize the Wompi's option.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

  2. Wompi's Option

    • Selecting the Wompi's option and clicking in Pay button it will take you to the checkout, follow the point 9 instructions if you want to enable or exchange between the test mode or productive mode.


  1. You can verify the status of your orders in both platforms: Wompi and Shopify.

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

    Shopify and Wompi setup!

    ¡And that's it! you're ready to start to sell and get your payments with Wompi and Shopify.


This plugin is offered and distributed under the license LGPL 3.0