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Every time you create a transaction, you have the option to process the payment detailing tax information. Currently, Wompi allows the following types of taxes:

  • VAT: Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • CONSUMPTION: Consumption Tax. Commonly used in restaurants, for example.

To include tax information during the creation of a transaction using our API, when doing POST / transactions you must send the taxes field as an array of objects, containing specific details of each tax. You can process one or more taxes, including the fields described below:

  • type: Type of tax,"VAT"or"CONSUMPTION"
  • amount_in_cents: Tax amount in cents, integer type. This amount is of a tributary and informative nature and will not be added to the total of amount of the transaction.
Taxes themselves will not be added to the transaction amount
It is important to note that the taxes sent in the taxes object will not be added to the total amount of the transaction.
For example, in a transaction whose amount_in_cents is COP $119,000 and whose VAT is COP $19,000, this last amount is already part of the total, thus implying that: Base without tax ($100,000) + VAT ($19,000) = total amount ($119,000).
In other words, Wompi will not add the $19,000 to the $119,000, but will simply share this tax information with the respective payment processor.

For example, a transaction with taxes would look like the following (other required fields are omitted in the example):

// ...
"amount_in_cents": 11900000,
"currency": "COP",
"taxes": [
"type": "VAT", // Tax type. (Allowed values ​​"VAT" for VAT and "CONSUMPTION" for consumption tax)
"amount_in_cents": 1900000 // It is the amount of tax included in the total amount of the transaction
// Other fields of the transaction to create ...