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Quick start

Before you begin

To use Wompi you need a pair of authentication keys which are associated to your business account. You can read all the documentation concerning authentication keys and execution environments by clicking here.

If you don't have an account with authentication keys, you can register at to obtain a pair of keys and start integrating your business.

With Wompi there are thee different which through which you can accept payments. Next you will find a summary of how each one works:

Widget & Web Checkout

Accept payments on your website with our simplest integration

Floating Widget on your website

With just a few HTML lines of code, integrate our payments Widget, allowing your customers to pay without leaving your site. You can also use a regular HTML form to redirect your customers to our secure Web Checkout.

To use this integration method click here.

eCommerce Plugins

Accept payment on your online store in seconds

Setup our WooCommerce plugin in seconds

Now you can accept payments on your online store, using our eCommerce plugins.

Click here to take a look at our WooCommerce plugin (for WordPress websites).

Payments API

Tailor-made integrations for your business

Example of a card tokenization.

We built the most powerful and simple to use RESTful API on the market. You can create tailor-made integrations or unique payment experiences for the web, mobile or wherever you want. Our API is simple, intuitive and allows you to use several payment methods or consult the state of a transaction easily. It's also possible to tokenize credit cards, which you can user afterwards for recurring payments or other use cases your business may require.

Click here to see the complete API Reference. To read more about available payment methods on the API click here.

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If you have any doubts or questions send us an email to

Thanks for using Wompi!