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Transaction Handling

In Wompi there are may Ways in which you can know the state of a transaction once it is initiated by a payment customer on your merchant.

Email notifications

Each time a transaction is completed on Wompi, both the user and the merchant get an email with the result of the transaction. The sent email contains the details of the payment method and the transaction. This is the most simple way in which both parts are notified of a transaction without having to setup anything else.

How to identify a transaction

Once a transaction is created in Wompi, there are serveral kinds of data available that will allow you to identify if for any purpose. The most important attribute that you need to take into account when Wompi informs you about a transaction or when you consult the information on our API are the following:

  • id: The unique identifier for a transaction created on Wompi. This will be the text that will allow you to identify a transaction in a uniqe way on our system. A transaction id looks like the following: 01-903100443-27458
  • reference: Is the reference that you as a merchant previously assigned to the transaction when you created it, or the one that is automatically generated in the case of payment links. This must be unique. It can be any kind of text, and we recommend any alfanumeric text without dashes or underscores, for example: 3893893 and wqu3Xshw3aaKgM42S.
  • customer_email: The paying customers's email.
  • amount_in_cents: The transactions amount in cents. For example, for $9.500 it's 950000.
  • created_at: The date and time in UTC at which the transaction was createe (GMT-0), for example 2018-06-12T13:14:01.000Z.
  • finalized_at: The date and time in UTC at which a transaction passed to its final status (GMT-0), for example 2018-06-12T13:14:01.000Z.
  • payment_method_type: Payment for which can be CARD, NEQUI or PSE.

Transaction Statuses

The status or state of a transaction represents the point in the payment process in which a transaction is. The status allows you to know if the transacction is still pending (PENDING) or if it has reached a final state.

The final state for a transaction can be one of the following: APPROVED, DECLINED, VOIDED or ERROR (internal error specific to the payment method).

Obtaining information for a transaction

Aditional to the email notifications Wompi offers you the following ways to obtain information about a transaction:

  1. Actively: sending a request to our API. Click here to read the specification for our transaction endpoint.
  2. Passively: through our event transaction.updated. To read more on how events work in Wompi Click here.