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Environments and Keys

To integrate Wompi to your merchant you need to always take into account that you will need an authentication key. These keys are the way in which Wompi identifies your account and which you use to interact with our services. Below you will find a detailed explanaition of the types of keys that exist in Wompi.

The keys also determine if the operations you are executing will be a test transaction with play money or a real transaction. The keys you use will determine the execution environment) your use.

The account keys and API URL are the ones that distuinguish between environments.


In Wompi we have multiple types of keys which are used to ensure the security for different types of messages to and from Wompi.

There is one of each key for each execution environment, one for Sandbox and another for Production. The difference is in the prefix that each one uses:

  • For Sandbox the keys have a prefix pub_test_, prv_test_, test_events_ and test_integrity_
  • For Production the keys have a prefix pub_prod_, prv_prod_, prod_events_ and prod_integrity_

Authentication keys

In Wompi there are two kinds of keys:

  1. A public key that always has the pub_ prefix and looks like the following:


  2. A private key that always has the prv_ prefix and looks like the following:


Integration secrets

Apart from the Authentication keys, there are also two types of secrets:

  1. An event key that always has _events_ in it and looks like the following:


  2. An integrity key that always has _integrity_ in it and look like the following:


Getting your keys

If you don't yet have a pair of authentication keys, you can register at to obtain them and start integrating to Wompi.

Execution environments

In Wompi there are two execution enviroments for two different purposes:

  • Sandbox: This is the test environment, where you can do test transactions and simulate results (approved, declined). It's usage is recommended while you are developing an integration and testing your servers.
  • Production: This is the environment where you can execute transactions with real money. You can use this environment once you are sure that your integration is working properly and you want to start accepting payments.

While you are integrating yourself, you have the chance to do transactions either with play money or real money, thanks to the existence of Sandbox and Production environments.

Both environments can be used at any moment, you only need to take into account that the environments are completely independent and that the information that you see on one will not be available on the other. For example, if you create transactions or payment links on Sandbox, they will not be visible on Production, or viceversa.

Each execution environment is a completely different API from the other, yet the the API specifitacion is exactly the same. So the endpoints () that you can consult in our API reference are the same and the only change is the base URL being utilized.

For Sandbox the base URL that you must use is:

For Production the base URL that you must use is:

Use the correct keys in each environment

Always take into account that when you are using the URL for an environments you need to use the correct keys for it. This way:

  • For the Sandbox URL you must use the keys with prefix pub_test_ and prv_test_
  • For the Production URL you must use the keys with prefix pub_prod_ and prv_prod_