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Accept payments on your online store in seconds!

¡Accept payments on your online store in seconds!

Payment methods

  • Bancolombia button
  • Bancolombia e-card
  • Cash
  • Nequi Digital Card
  • Visa, American Express and Mastercard cards
  • Savings and current accounts of any bank through PSE


Bancolombia button:Cards *, Nequi, PSE, Cash:
1. 1.5% + $ 500 + VAT per successful transaction.1. Daily: 2.85% + $ 800 + VAT per successful transaction
2. Weekly: 2.75% + $ 700 + VAT per successful transaction
3. Monthly: 2.65% + $ 700 + VAT per successful transaction
* The respective withholdings will be applied to payments made with cards as determined by Colombian law.

How to Configure Wompi

  1. Login in your Wompi account.

  2. Go to My Account and scroll down to Advanced Developer Settings.

¡My Wompi account!

  1. Copy the URL of the ipn provided in the Jumpseller payment configuration page ( and paste it in URL events

¡Jumpseller and Wompi configuration!

  1. Copy the fields: Public key, Private key and Events and paste them in the correct fields in the Wompi configuration in your store (Public key, Private key and Secrets for events respectively)

  2. Demonstration video

¡Demonstration video!

Frequent questions

  1. Is the commission charged by Wompi a type of tax?
  • The commission is not a tax and corresponds to the cost of consumption or use of the service provided by Wompi .
  1. What tax does Wompi charge me and what is the percentage?
  • Wompi charges the Value Added Tax (VAT) corresponding to 19%, which is settled on the value of the commission generated by each transaction. This is established by the "Terms and Conditions". In addition, Wompi is obliged to comply with the tax liability “48 Sales Tax - VAT”.
Talk to us!
  • If you have any doubts or questions send us an email to
  • Telephone lines from Monday to Sunday (includes holidays) from 8 a.m. Until 8 pm. with continuous service.
    • National: 018000129999
    • Bogotá: 3430006
  • Through the support button on the page from 8 am A.M until 5 pm. with continuous service.